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Kinesiology is a gentle and effective way of treating medical, emotional, physical and nutritional issues. Based on acupuncture (but without needles).

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What can Kinesiology be effective for?

If you have a mind, body and spirit kinesiology can help you! Suitable for all ages including babies. Beneficial for many ailments that the medics have not been able to get to the bottom of including Migraine Cystitis Fatigue Cystitis IBS Sleep Problems Long Covid Depression Anxiety Hormonal Imbalances Recurrent Thrush Asthma Food Intolerances Carpal Tunnel Ear Infections Diabetes Weight Problems Skin conditions SIBO Pain Jaw Problems

What should I expect from a treatment?

The first appointment lasts 75 mins and Anna will spend some time going through your health history, what you would like the treatment to focus on, what medication/supplements you currently take and what your typical daily diet is.
Kinesiology is very much a case of working together to improve your health. You are the boss! Anna will help you tap into your ‘gut instincts’ and help you to listen to the way your body is constantly communicating with you. Kinesiology will provide a clear way of prioritising where to start.

I work in five main ways.
Your biochemical system eg vitamin and mineral check/ food intolerance/ hormonesYour emotional health where we release emotional blockages gently via the bodyYour structural health eg, nerves, muscles, and jointsYour energetic system, identifying any energy drains eg lifestyle/ technologyVia your Chakras. This is the magical part where we help the bodies energy to look after you.When possible I use nature and naturopathic techniques to help your body to heal. I am also very happy to work along-side other health professionals and medics. Whatever it takes to help you to feel well!

What do I wear

Wear something you feel comfortable in – treatments take place on a couch and I may have to move your arms and legs.

How many sessions will I need

Sometimes we only need one appointment but more usually I see people 4-6 times over six months. Bizarrely my aim is to make myself redundant by helping you to tap into and trust your ‘gut instict’ more. Ideally  and if you want to we can move to a once seasonal MOT to prepare your body for the months ahead and prevent any potential problems from developing.

Introduction to Kinesiology

Colloidal Silver

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About Anna

Naturopathic Kinesiologist, BSc MScDip, ClassK

 Anna, 50, has been working as kinesiologist for the last ten years. She has ‘walked the walk’ and discovered kinesiology after years of being too unwell to work in her 30s. She is constantly amazed how beneficial kinesiology is for the mind and body. Originally trained as a hydrogeologist with an MSc in water chemistry after seven years she changed career and went into the pharmaceutical industry. During this time she worked with diabetes, depression, men’s health and Menopause. This experience has allowed Anna to understand what medics can, and can’t offer patients.

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  • K.S. 34 St Ives

    I was recommended to come and see Anna by a family member. I only ever go to people if I am referred by word of mouth by someone trusted. Every experience I've had with Anna has been informative, relaxing, inspiring and constructive. I recommend her to all my own clients now and trust her utterly. I've had fantastic results and will continue to see Anna to keep myself happy, healthy and aligned.

  • S.S. 51 Heamoor

    I’ve been seeing Anna for nearly 3 years now and I love her unique combination of professionality, intuition and insight when considering both emotional and physical health issues. We have worked on gut health, sleep issues, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances (amongst other things) and I feel happier and healthier for it. Anna ‘prescribes’ supplements for what she has tested you are lacking in, and she also adds a touch to magic to her sessions which brings about more balance for mind, body and soul.

  • J.J. 37 Penzance

    I was highly recommended to Anna and glad to say I totally understand the reasons why. Anna's clinical approach is professional, gentle, and well informed knowledge across many bodies of work. Anna uses a holistic application of processes for the body, mind and soul. I always feel infinitely more well and concious in my body after seeing Anna.
    I have also taken my children to see Anna and she has really helped them to listen to their own gut instincts. Much more effective than me telling them what to do!

  • L.J. 47 Helston

    When I first met Anna my health was dreadful. I was existing but not living. I had a diagnosis of Lyme disease and my immune system was battered. Anna listened and help piece together my diverse ailments which had baffled medics for decades. Kinesiology allowed my body to prioritise the way we tackled my problems.
    Fatigue and low mood were addressed first by eradicating an over growth of Candida which was robbing my body of nutrients and making me crave sugar. Once my digestive system was recovering we then looked at eradicating the Lyme disease. This was done gently but thoroughly with specific herbal preparations.
    I can honestly say that just over a year later months on I have never been healthier nor happier.

  • A.J. 49 St Ives

    It’s quite a test to put everything you do into a few sentences!  Anna is a fantastic kinesiologist. She has treated myself and my 3 teenage children. She is very professional, knowledgeable and “down to earth”. Originally I went to see her for help with migraines that I had been suffering with for the past 10 years. She was able to get to the root of the problem and I am now migraine free which is life changing. Whether it’s a health M.O.T or something more chronic Anna is really worth going to see. I am constantly recommending her to people.

  • C.L. 44 Hayle

    Anna is fabulous. She listens and understands me in all the right ways. When I met Anna it was a real “this is meant to be moment”! I was looking for someone who could help me work out what was the missing piece in my life on all levels. I have found she has taken me on a journey of better understanding myself and enabled me to be more true and whole. I really do feel nurtured and held in a place where I am able to heal. Thank you Anna.

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