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Product Ordering contacts
Discount code: 
phone: 01684 310099
Nutri Advanced
Discount code: 3189325
phone: 0800 0435777
Helios. Flower Formulas.
phone: 01892 537254
Discount code: 35895
phone: 01634 861880
Web: none!
To find a kinesiology 
practitioner and order EMF device.
Local resources:
Newlyn Fermentary. 
Courses in making fermented foods full of probiotics eg sauerkraut, kimchi and water kefir.
Stones Grocers,St Just
Stockists of delicious fruit and veg as well as gluten, dairy and sugar free foods. The lovely owner Claire will help you make changes and get your store cupboards ready if you need to change your diet.
Tried and Trusted Practitioners.
Anna De Vere
Breath work classes 1:1 and groups.
Benjamin Buckle
Shamanic Practitioner
Spiralling Sun
Maria Matthews
Massage therapist
Astrologer and birth charts.
Art work in my treatment room by the fabulous Sarah Bell.
Book recommendations:
Buy local if you can!
The Clever Guts Diet
One of my faves- feel free to replace god with good or dog as you want …