Cancellation Policy

If you have given me 48 hours notice that you will not be attending there is no charge.

If you cancel at short notice the full fee is payable. However if this is due to illness that won’t be the case.

If you simply ‘forget’ or get the time wrong the full fee is payable. This is very rare but it has happened. It’s important we respect each other’s time.

This is because I hold that hour for you and it cannot be filled by anyone else, it is your time. I send reminders out before each appointment to prevent mishaps.

Additionally as a human being myself (!) I will occasionally need to postpone your appointment. In which case I will let you know asap and contact you to arrange another appointment.

I live with the grief of losing my only child, Ben, in October 2019 when he was 23. I am sometimes swamped by waves of unpredictable grief. The waves are less frequent and pass more quickly but they remain just as intense. When this happens I can’t work and I need to put myself first. I’ve accepted this will always be the case hence why I’m sharing this.

How to cancel or rearrange an appointment;

If you go to your appointment confirmation email, you will have a link to click on if you want to cancel or rearrange.

Any problems, email or WhatsApp Anna