Review of 2022

Review of 2022


Gosh there have been so many changes going on in the world in 2022. We certainly live in interesting times!

In my kinesiology world it has been lovely! 

🔅 I’ve finally got an online presence… this beautiful website was launched along with a booking system. This has reduced my time spent on yucky admin and increased the time I spend doing kinesiology.

🔅I’ve got a beautiful new treatment room! It was never the intention to work from home but Covid changed that so I decided to embrace the change. I have repurposed a spare room into a dedicated treatment room with its own bathroom. It looks straight out onto St Michael’s Mount so I like to think my clients get two of us working on you and that all the beautiful healing energy is absorbed into the room.

🔅 Personally life, like for all of us, remains a challenge. Living with never ending grief following the loss of my son Ben in 2019 will always affect me.

🔅 Linked to this I was moved to learn more about Shamanism. Its a way of bringing spiritual practice into my daily life. I find life much easier to live if I see the ‘big picture’ rather than seeing things on a surface level. And it’s way more interesting! I’ve learnt so much. I thoroughly recommend Benjamin Buckle’s six week introductory course. www.the

🔅I’ve added in some more skills to my kinesiology toolkit. I’ve learnt the basics of Shiatsu Massage which is a lovely, nurturing addition to treatments. www.Kate

🔅 I’m seeing more children than ever before. I love watching them as they listen to what their body is telling them. Real life magic! 

🔅The world of gut bacteria is becoming more well understood and I’m loving working more with this. Happy biome; happier mind and a stronger immune system.

🔅 I’ve been getting back to the basics… the affect of breathing and water on the body. Sea swimming continues to be a huge part of my life and I am increasingly seeing the benefits in clients who choose to explore this. I’ve challenged myself by learning to dive, learning front crawl and I swam round the mount in the summer.

🔅In 2023 I want to gain a qualification in how to introduce people safely to the wonder of cold water swimming. Using water as therapy is a passion I’ve had since I was a teenager and it is coming full circle.

🔅 Generally people are more open to taking responsibility for their own health rather than expecting a doctor to fix them. 

🔅 Prices have gone up everywhere and budgets are really stretched. I’ve managed to find a way round a price increase for you. As  the result of the new website I’m able to offer the same service in a shorter time. The time spent booking next appointments and paying is no longer needed. So I now offer a 45 min appointment at the same price as before £40 with the option of a longer appointment of 60 mins for £50.

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